How did I meet Robin? Do we want kids? Big Q&A vlog!

How did I & Robin meet? Do we want kids? Find out in this Q&A!

Thank you for all your questions. The questions I answer in this video and timestamps are found below:

1:45 #1 How often do you workout and rest during a week?
2:09 #2 What tanner do you use?
2:49 #3 Do you drink your BCAA before, during or after your workouts?
4:07 #4 What makeup do you use?
5:01 #5 What time of the day do you go to the gym?
6:13 #6 How much sleep do you get?
6:57 #7 Do you count your macros? Why or why not?
8:30 #8 What’s your next event?
9:23 #9 Where’s your next trip going to be?
11:19 #10 How did you start your fitness journey?
14:57 #11 Angry troll question LOL
17:44 #12 What’s the most fun about your job?
19:19 #13 How did I & Robin meet?
22:58 #14 What would you advise to a beginner, regarding training and nutrition? I don’t know where to start.
23:58 #15 What was your job before social media?
24:45 #16 Do you want kids? How many and what names?
25:53 #17 What is your motivation to get through hard times in life?
26:38 #18 Are you planning on getting more tattoos?
27:18 #19 How do you spend your free time?
28:10 #20 How did you get sponsored?
30:18 #21 How old were you when you started working out?
31:07 #22 What is your favorite meal prep?
32:12 #23 If not fitness, what would you do?

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