Learn how to avoid common errors when training back! Wrong performance can give you real injuries and slow down your growth.

Full workout is listed below:

1. Deadlift 4set x 10reps
2. Lats 3set x 10-12reps
3. Cable rows 3set x 10reps
4. Vertical rows 4set x 12reps
5. T-bar rows 3set x 10reps
6. Back extensions 4set x 15reps

Information about the advice for each exercise:

1. Deadlifts – great exercise but it’s also really hard to perform correctly. Some common errors are to lift the exercise with straight legs and a bent back. Having a bent back is really dangerous and can injure your back really bad. Avoid this at all cost! The correct way: Straight back all the way, and have the spine and the neck in the same direction/line. Place your hand’s shoulder wide and also have your feet and knees shoulder wide. In the start position, push down your booty and keep your back straight. For this exercise, it’s also better to start with a lighter weight to get the right technique to be with.

2. Lats pulldown – common mistakes for this exercise is to rotate your upper back and shoulders forward, overstretching your back (having it bent) or a swinging movement of the exercise. To do it correctly: move back a bit, push/pull up our chest and slow and controlled move the weights down. If it helps you, you can look a bit upwards.

3. Narrow cable rows – common errors for this exercise is to row only with your arms or swing and row with your lower back and body. To do it correctly: Go slowly forward and stretch your back. Keep a straight back and stop at the end of the movement to really feel that your back is working.

4. Vertical rows – A wrong version of the exercise can be when you swing down the weights. To do it right: Take control, go slowly and steady down, keep your arms still and steady, and row down with your lats only. Have your back as straight as you can.

5. T-bar rows – Two common mistakes for this exercise are: rowing with a bent back, which could result in injuries. Or maybe you swing up the weights. To do it correctly: Lock your back and your legs, and just row up the weights slowly and concentrated with your back. If you feel too much tension in your arms, lower the weights, and make sure you work only with the back.

6. Back extensions – A wrong performance could be to swing up and bending the back too much at the top of the exercise. To do it correctly: Place your hands at the side of your head, and move slowly up and down. Also, make sure you back and spine are in the same direction/line. Go up until your back is fully straight, then go down again. Don’t overstretch the exercise, don’t bend your back at the top.
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